About me

Hello, I’m a UK based 1st Assistant Director and work around London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and beyond. 
I have many years of experience working in High End Multi million pound Feature Films, High End TV Shows, TV Commercials, Pop Promos & Online content with award winning Directors, DOP’s, Costume Designers, Make Up designers, 'A' List, Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA winning actors, Top Tier Male & Female footballers and Pop stars. 

I've shot on location and in studios around the globe such as UK, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Qatar & USA with a multitude of different pieces of equipment Car rigs, Motorbike Tracking Vehicles, Boats, Helicopters, fixed wing planes, U-crane Tracking Vehicles, Techno Cranes & Jib arms, Motion control, C.G. and Green Screen, Stunts, Vfx, Drones, Night Shoots, Horses, Armourers. Crowds, Childrens working hours & Chaperones and familiar with all aspects of Working guidelines, Hours, Health & Safety & Risk Assessment.  I'm familiar with the relevant processes for various formats, 35mm, 16mm film and Alexa, Amira, Red and Phantom Flex 4k Cameras to name a few, 

I have many years of experience in Movie Scheduling and often schedule shows in advance. 
If you would like to check my availability or discuss a project please contact

Rachael Taylor @ ITG
T: +44 207 034 2141


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy looking at some of the jobs that i've worked on over the last few years.